This is an advanced treatment device that combines inflatable massage technology with lighting technology. It provides you with a three-dimensional massage, as well as direct irradiation of 615-650nm red light in your knee joints and joint cavity, improving the microcirculation and metabolism of related areas, and increasing the tissue richer blood supply. In addition, it increases the tensile strength of tissue repair, eliminates inflammation, reduces joint edema and stiffness, and relieves pain.

1. Increase knee local blood circulation.
2. Enhance joint flexibility and comfort.
3. Physical therapy for various types of knee arthritis.
4. Safety – 12V safety voltage, you need not worry about the potential safety hazard.
5. Fixed-point therapy – Sports knee pads, firmly fixed on the knee, keep the heat over your knee.
6. Massage – Built-in motor vibration massager, stretching tension physique and muscles.
7. Asiatic wormwood physiotherapy – warming and activating meridian, promoting “qi” to activate blood, clearing heat for detumescence and antibacterial.
8. Hot compress – has the effect of vasodilation, promote local metabolism, relieve muscle spasms, promote inflammation and blood stasis absorption;
9. Timing – 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 26 minutes, 30 minutes time settings.
10. Temperature regulation – There are High/Middle/Low temperature third modes can be changed.
11. Smart Design – can only use on one knee, you can also use only vibration or heat