1. The new generation of fat massage machine adopts innovative streamline shape lightweight design. It is a strong power and quiet massager. It provides effect like sport and relieves your muscles at the same time.
2. It is suitable for waist, neck, shoulders, arms, buttocks, thigh, abdomen and so on, you can also use the most simple way to exercise and relax your body.
3. Innovative ergonomics streamline design, easy to use.
4. Lightweight body design, easy to shape at any time and place.
5. High torque motor, high speed rotating beat, powerful, deep massage.
6. Mute design, relax yourself.
7. Three groups of massage head, decompression, deep massage, essential oil imported fat.
8. Stepless variable speed design, and one knob for all control.
9. Can enhance the vitality of the elastic body muscles, promote blood circulation and body metabolism, firming skin, increase collagen, wrinkle skin firming, slimming, achieve beautiful skin effect.
10. With 6 rollers, each roller has 12 prominencys.

Power supply: AC
Material: ABS, PP
Net weight: 370g
Gross weight: 450g
Product size: 130*90*80mm/5.11*3.54*3.14”
Package size: 200*200*70mm/7.87*7.87*2.75”
Voltage and power: 12V 1A
Wire Length: 150cm/4.9ft
Plug type: EU, US